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old spam

  1. Yes, I have tagged, and both the titles and the texts contain keywords that people would search for if they are interested in the topic. (This pertains to what I called point 1)).

    Yes, like I said, I realize that not all people comment. But a much higher percentage does on YT. So I wondered why. Perhaps they find videos less difficult to comment on than texts (and my texts my be relatively complicated). (This pertains to point 2).

    If someone just likes a text but does not want to comment, there is a "like" function here, same as on YT.

  2. Almost every Youtube video i look at has arguments going on in the comments, is that what you want? Listening to a music video or watching something on a video is different to reading a blog. You can't compare Youtube to WordPress because they are two entirely different things. Youtube is probably 80% young people (kids), and young people are not interested in reading blogs. As for the 'like', people have to be logged in to WordPress to like, just the same as on Youtube.

  3. "is that what you want?"

    This is going somewhat off topic, but:

    1) I wasn't comparing YT with WP in every regard.
    2) What's wrong with debate, as long as it's intelligent? I think we're having one right here and now. :-)
    3) My experience with YT has been positive, and I believe that the type of response has a lot to do with the kind of content that is posted.
    4) It is no longer true that only kids use YT. The stats there show demographic breakdowns of the users of one's channel, and in case those aren't accurate, I've "met" people there (corresponded with them via pm etc). Many are my age, also academics etc.
    5) Certainly one has to be logged in to "like" - but since this is true for both YT and WP, it is not relevant for the question at hand.

    I'm mainly interested in movies, so my topics on YT are the same as on WP; the two platforms could even complement each other. I believe that it is possible to enjoy movies and discuss them intelligently. So I'm surprised at the extremely negative comments about YT here. Could it be that an old-fashioned prejudice of "images are dumb and words are intelligent" are at the root of this, even in the era of the internet? :-)

  4. Youtube comments are not debates. They are arguments started by trolls. This thread was originally about spam comments, and i don't think there's anything more to add, as everyone has answered about that, and we are not supposed to debate in the forum, which is what this is becoming.

  5. "Youtube comments are not debates. They are arguments started by trolls."

    In this generality, this statement is wrong.

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