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    Hello. I checked the WP section for avatars and there’s no mention of the meaning of old avatars floating around and whether that’s normal or not. I only know that I want to use one and not see my old one floating around, which I do. The discussions mostly deal with avatars that users have selected but which take too long to appear or don’t appear. I’ve certainly been into the settings and see no controls that address my concern specifically. The gravatar website similarly isn’t helpful. In fact, It holds onto old info that you can’t have deleted for gosh sakes.

    Any info or insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is arrby.wordpress.com.



    Changes to avatars are not retroactive.



    Okay. But this is odd. I’ve only got one blog and going forward I’m using my new avatar just fine, so why do I see the old one as well. I don’t get it in other words. But I do get that it’s the way things work. Thanks for the answer. I’m moving on.

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