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    Older and Newer posts missing in footer. I use a Nokia N8, that is my only internet. I love WordPress, but don’t have access to php files etc. Please can you make the older and newer posts link appear at the foot of my blog. WordPress literally saved my life, as I suffer anxiety an depression, now I feel I can’t add anymore posts, as they are MEMES by me, and don’t have an older posts link. Please help. John (thankyou!)

    The blog I need help with is jackhammermemes.wordpress.com.


    Infinite scroll results in the pop-up in the footer.

    Disabling the infinite scroll feature here > Settings > Reading
    To infinity and beyond Scroll Infinitely
    (Shows 7 posts on each load)
    “save changes”

    to get rid of the pop-up in the footer results in a “Load More Posts” tab, and you can’t disable that “Load More Posts” tab from appearing and have “previous post” and “next post” links, without the Custom Design upgrade. http://en.support.wordpress.com/custom-design/


    Thanks for the reply!
    I got rid of infinite scrolling, and the ‘older posts’ link appears at the footer, but when clicked, it loads the same page, the vanishes.


    How many posts are there in the blog?



    Looks like 11 Posts in a 3 day old blog


    Yep, about 11, but even if there were hundreds, a next page option should be a standard thing. I can’t use the blog if I nobody can view it. The older post link just reloads the same page. :-(



    You only get the next page if there is something a visitor has not seen – I was able to count all 11 Posts – I could see all 11 Posts – If there was a Next Page button with nothing left to see – your visitor would click on it and think something was broken,

    Your blog is working correctly – looks like you have 7 Posts per load / Page – when you get to 15 Posts you will see Next Post two times.



    Most themes used to have older/newer navigation links on dynamic pages, but WP removed them in favor of infinite scrolling.
    Unchecking the option in Settings > Reading doesn’t really disable the thing, it only turns it from auto to manual.
    As timethief already pointed out, you cannot restore the older/newer links without the custom design upgrade.


    I don’t get it, what If I want to browse all of the posts?
    When I click on a post, the next post option takes me to the previous. How can I make it normal, like Blogger, where I can get to the next page of posts, or previous?
    I unstickied the Poll, thinking it may fix it. But didn’t. :-(
    As for infinite scrolling, that would eat up yovr data and freeze my device. What if I had 1000 images?
    I’d have to wait for all 1000 to load.


    I don’t have much money but was going to upgrade in the near future, but not if a simple function is missing, and I don’t want to be editing php files on an n8.



    Don’t upgrade – you can’t edit php here anyway –

    None of your Posts are missing – all of them can be read by your visitors – I don’t know how Blogger works – but nothing will be missed here – you are worrying about nothing – all 11 of your Posts can be seen – add more the others will be seen also

    Inif Scroll does not load all 1,000 posts unless you page down and down and down – it stops at what ever you have the first page view set at – you need to page down to get more Posts to load



    “How can I make it normal, like Blogger, where I can get to the next page of posts, or previous?”
    How many times must we repeat the same thing? Timethief has given you the answer from the start, and I repeated it in my previous reply: to make it “normal” you need the Custom Design upgrade. It’s not a php issue, it’s a CSS issue.


    As I said, I don’t have the money to upgrade just yet, and I know my posts are there, but I can only view ALL of them, via Archives.


    Custom design says you can only edit fonts and css. That wouldn’t fix it.



    You don’t need the Archive to see things –

    I just paged down on your front page – got to the bottom and clicked on load more – more were loaded and I paged down until I got to “Ain’t Nothing Grand”. – there was a load button under it that went away when I clicked on it because there was nothing left to load



    Custom design says you can only edit fonts and css. That wouldn’t fix it.

    Thanks for educating us. Now check this post of mine:



    I guess I should not worry – but I hate to see someone spend money for a button when they can see all their Posts easily without the Upgrade – but that just looks a bit different than Blogger



    @auxclass: Agree – you’ve got the category pages and the monthly archive pages (and no infinite scrolling on them). I wouldn’t buy the upgrade just to restore the older/newer links, and I’m not urging jackhammermemes to do so, I’m only replying to the question “how can I make it normal”.

    @jackhammermemes: Did you get it this time?



    @panos – I know you are giving him the straight scoop – and not recommending the Upgrade – he should be blogging and not worrying about the buttons – in my opinion anyway –

    Anyway – thanks for the help here and have a nice week


    I appreciate the help, but I don’t have the load more or page down, so Archives IS the only way for me. I use Opeqa Mini, and even on Opera Mobile it is not there.

    I wasn’t being smart about the upgrade. I was just stating what the upgrade said you could, and couldn’t do.

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