Older and Newer posts missing in footer.

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    I read your linked post, and it seems having a footer widget brings back the next page option?
    I don’t have any footer widget options. :-(



    Browser things are not my best thing – but do you have the Mobile option enabled for your blog?

    Dashboard >> Appearance >> Mobile >> Enable mobile theme

    Maybe one of the others will drop by with info on the other settings – might be that your blog is not set correctly for the browser you are using


    Thanks for all of your help.
    Not using the mobile theme, I hate being on a mobile, so I like viewing the full site. ;-)



    I also flagged this for the staff – maybe they will have a suggestion that would help or refer this to the theme shapers


    Thank you SO much, I appreciate it, sorry about the misunderstanding, still finding my way around. ^_^



    You be welcome & I hope the staff will have a suggestion so you can read your site easily


    I figured it out. Opera Mobile loads more posts, as it has some flash support, and that’s what is used to load the older posts. Opera Mini, however, has no flash support. Lol


    I would like to hand out a cyber beer, to all you good people.



    I read your linked post, and it seems having a footer widget brings back the next page option?

    a) If it was so we would have told you so from the start. At first WP would hide the option “Scroll infinitely” if you didn’t have any footer widgets, so adding a footer widget was necessary to make this option show up (so you could uncheck it). This is no longer the case.
    b) I linked to my post to convince you that, despite what you thought, turning the blog back to normal is a CSS editing matter. Notice my first reply above:
    “Most themes used to have older/newer navigation links on dynamic pages, but WP removed them in favor of infinite scrolling.”
    WP didn’t change the php of the themes, WP only removed the links. The function is still there, and the links are still there (as you can easily see if you check the bottom of your March archive page). It’s just that the links are hidden on the main page, so you can use CSS editing to disable the I.S. and make the links show up again (as section D of my post shows). Check my post again: I added the CSS required for Piano Black. Copypaste it into Appearance > Custom Design > CSS and click Preview to see for yourself.


    I just did, and saw the links, thats cool, but I thought you would be able to edit the text color in the widgets etc, without having to edit a style sheet.
    I’m use to Blogger, that allows you to edit all the colors by default. :-(


    Guys, quick question. I just got away from a bunch of trolls at a meme site, who would down vote my work everyday, in the hundreds. They have JUST found my blog and downvoted everything multiple times. Is there an option to have only registered WP vote on posts?


    No I’m sorry there is not. All you can do is remove the Ratings.


    Aw, that’s a shame.
    I thought since you could Moderate who posts, maybe it was the same for ratings.
    I contacted the troll site (Cheezburger, of all places, but has the nastiest staff and members.) and reported, but like mine and my Spouses last 35+ emails, it will no doubt, be ignored.

    Thanks so much again, ALL of you.
    You are a SUPERB bunch of people.


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