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Older and Newer posts missing in footer.

  1. jackhammermemes

    Guys, quick question. I just got away from a bunch of trolls at a meme site, who would down vote my work everyday, in the hundreds. They have JUST found my blog and downvoted everything multiple times. Is there an option to have only registered WP vote on posts?

  2. thistimethisspace

    No I'm sorry there is not. All you can do is remove the Ratings.

  3. jackhammermemes

    Aw, that's a shame.
    I thought since you could Moderate who posts, maybe it was the same for ratings.
    I contacted the troll site (Cheezburger, of all places, but has the nastiest staff and members.) and reported, but like mine and my Spouses last 35+ emails, it will no doubt, be ignored.

    Thanks so much again, ALL of you.
    You are a SUPERB bunch of people.


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