Older articles do not load when I click on "Weitere Artikel laden" on my blog

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    When I view my blog page (http://shetlaenderin.wordpress.com/neu-2/), I have it set so that 7 articles appear at one time. There is button to click on at the very bottom which says (I use the German language setting) “Weitere Artikel laden”, i.e. “load further articles”. Up until today, this worked very well – clicking here would load another batch of older articles. However, as of today, I have noticed that, when I click here, no older articles load. The button to click on also disappears.

    Do you have any suggestions as to what has gone wrong?

    Many thanks for your help.
    Blog url: http://shetlaenderin.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is shetlaenderin.wordpress.com.


    I have tried using the new “scroll infinitely” feature and that doesn’t work either. Only the 7 most recent articles load, no more.

    Can anyone help with this please?



    I don’t speak your language. Which page are you posts on? Please posts a link to that poage here.



    Soory :( it’s here http://shetlaenderin.wordpress.com/neu-2/ like you said above and you are correct the Laod more posts button is not working (using Firefox 13 and IE8). I’m flagging this thread for Staff attention.


    Many thanks. I love WordPress, I hope there’s a fix for this soon. The “scroll infinitely” feature is not an option, since I am in an area with an excrutiatingly slow connection, as are many of my blog’s visitors.



    Sorry for the trouble, we’re looking into the issue.


    I’m having the same problem–it occurred after I switched my home page to a static page. I am using the Clean Home theme.

    My blog is here: sakaridixon.com/blog



    You’re all fixed up now, sorry for the trouble!


    Thanks! :)



    You’re welcome!


    Brilliant – working like a dream again now. Thank you!



    You’re welcome too!

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