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    Hi, I need help with my blog (whisketeers.com). I noticed that to read older posts all we have is a “load more posts” thingy. I really don’t like this and I would rather have numbers at the bottom of the blog that would make it possible for readers to go to older posts. Or even an “older/newer posts” link would do it.

    Also, I would like to have links at the end of each post – little pictures with links – that would be similar to the post that is being read at that moment – like “you may also like” links.

    I reaaally hope both these things are possible to do. I like wordpress, but not having these features makes me want to somewhere else with my blog.

    Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is whisketeers.com.



    Oh, I forgot to mention I have the “custom design” option.



    No one?

    I am now posting related links myself, which is super annoying.

    I noticed that some themes have the “older pages/ newer” option, but Blogum only has the infinite scroll. Will you ever make it possible to have both options? There’s a lot of us that really hate infinite scroll / load more posts options.

    Also, do you know how to make the size of the font in the comments section smaller? It looks really bad the way that it is now, because the comments section is huge.

    Thank you again.


    Regarding the “Load more posts” button, we’d really like to work to make that a good solution for everyone. May I ask what your reasons are for not liking it? We’ve been making updates to that feature based on user feedback, so I always like to ask.

    Would it help to re-style the “Load more posts button itself so it doesn’t stand out as much? This is something the developers are discussing as well.

    #infinite-handle span {
    	background: inherit;
    	border: none;
    	color: #262626;
    	padding: 0;

    Also, I would like to have links at the end of each post – little pictures with links – that would be similar to the post that is being read at that moment – like “you may also like” links.

    There’s not a way for you to add dynamic content like that to a WordPress.com blog with the CSS editor because CSS can only change the appearance of things that are already on the page and it can’t add new dynamic content.

    However! We’re working on related posts features. I’m not sure when the updates will be out, but when they do they will be announced on http://en.blog.wordpress.com/ so keep an eye on that page for updates.


    Btw, I like the header! What font is that?



    Hi, thanks for the help! I like pages more than load more posts because when you come to a blog that’s been active for years, scrolling infinitely is just annoying to me and not very practical. I think it works in apps and such, but not on a blog or other website that has a lot of new content on a daily/weekly basis. It’s my personal preference, but I understand that some people do like it. That’s why having both options would probably make more sense.

    I’m glad you’re working on a related posts feature, that will save me so much time! I’m doing everything manually now.

    I’m actually not sure about the header font, my boyfriend made that for me so I’d have to ask him.

    Thanks again,


    Extra clicks for older/newer links results in longer page loads. One of the ideas behind scrolling is that the older/newer links result in longer page loads is actually less practical. Scrolling is an attempt to make page loads faster and better. We’ve made a ton of improvements to the feature, and we’re continuing to work on it so your feedback is helpful. You can switch back to full page loads if you’d like, but please keep in mind the structure is subject to change and if that happens at some point then you will be responsible to upload your CSS that changes the way this works accordingly.

    #infinite-handle {
    	display: none;
    .infinite-scroll #nav-below {
    	display: block;


    I know this is off-topic (well, sort of) but I wanted to tell you that though I was not keen on infinite scrolling at first, I did implement it on both blogs some time ago now and I’m okay with it.


    @timethief, if I were pressed, I might say the exact same thing. :)

    You should also know that we’ve been keeping an eye on user feedback about it—we’ve made some updates already, and we we have plans for a few more improvements in the works.

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