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Older Posts are no longer displayed on my blog

  1. Older posts are no longer displayed on my blog. Usually, when you reach the end of the page, a hyperlink appears for readers to click "older posts" and a new page is loaded of older posts. This seems to have dissapeared. I've spend some time looking through all the settings, but can't find anything. Please can you help me restore this?
    Blog url:

  2. That's because WP has added this thing called infinite scrolling to the theme you're using, and they don't want you to disable it, so they hide the relevant options except if you have footer widgets. So, first go to Appearance > Widgets and drag a Text widget to one of the footer areas, then go to Settings > Reading, uncheck the option “Scroll Infinitely”, set the number of posts per page you prefer, click Save Changes.

  3. @Justpi
    i have same problem, but I have no footer widgets, and also apply your instruction, there are no option to uncheck "scroll to infinitely"

  4. "but I have no footer widgets"
    That's why the instructions start with "go to Appearance > Widgets and drag a Text widget to one of the footer areas".

  5. @justpi
    please tell me your email id. so i can send u screen shot and may u help me in better way.

  6. We don't help via mail. You can upload the screenshot to your blog via Media > Add New, copy the File URL that will show up, paste the URL here.

  7. Change your theme to one that has footer widgets. Then follow the instructions.

  8. @rain: When loveufriend posted the question, he was using Koi. Koi does support footer widgets.

  9. Ah, thanks.

  10. @justipi and @rain
    thanks i changed Theme, Problem solved.

    There are monthly archives like Jun 2012, may 2012. when i click on month Month posted shows. I wana to know is there possiblity that when i click on month then there show all post by name in that monthly archives. so i easy chose by description.
    June 2012
    May 2012
    when i click on June 2012
    then it will
    June 2012
    >> how to love (post name)
    >> Poetry
    >>Lovue guru etc

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