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    I’m currently using Mimbo 2.2 as a theme (with a bunch of additions / editing) for my website, http://www.juiceboxdotcom.com.

    The “Older Posts” link at the bottom just loads the front page, again and again. Not sure how to correct this, the code for this is the same in our theme as the default theme. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


    The only help we can give you is direact you to the wp.ORG forum; this is wp.COM.



    I too found that all of my links that referred to other pages or individual posts in my blog caused a sort of circular logic error and would fail to a 404 or TRY AGAIN page.

    I fixed it (after several hours of searching etc) by

    :: downloaded the current version of WordPress

    :: went to http://YOUR BLOG NAME/blog/wp-admin/plugins.php page and deactivated all plugins

    :: deleted the wp-admin and wp-includes directories in the /blog folder

    :: copied the new WordPress files (not the folder, but it’s content’s) into the /blog directory

    :: went to http://YOUR BLOG NAME/blog/wp-admin/ to check for db error messages

    :: went to http://YOUR BLOG NAME/blog/wp-admin/plugins.php page and RE-activated all plugins

    :: MOST IMPORTANT STEP!!! Went to http://YOUR BLOG NAME/blog/wp-admin/options-permalink.php and made sure DEFAULT is chose under COMMON SETTINGS (mine was set to DAY/TIME) and click SAVE CHANGES

    and it worked better than ever!


    @dawootenjr, the advice you give is not applicable here. It is for self-hosted blogs and not for those hosted here at the wordpress.COM free hosting service.



    @samsutherland and @dawootenjr – you are in the wrong forum. This forum is for blogs hosted at wordpress.COM. Both of you are self-hosted so head over to http://wordpress.ORG/support



    Sam is self hosted. And while it took but 3 minutes for you to respond to my post, no one had tried to help Sam in over 48 hours, so I jumped in.

    Be Well,




    Actually, panaghiotisadam tried to help by asking for a link to a blog hosted here. We don’t answer questions for self-hosted folks here. That’s what the other forum is for.



    Versus giving him the answer or explaining the difference to a new user? Are we that busy or strict? I guess so.

    Logging off for bed…Ciao!



    The difference between ORG and COM is explained in detail in the 2 stickies at the top of this forum, which a lot of people visiting the forum for the first time seem to miss.

    8 Things To Know Before Posting in WordPress.Com Forums

    WordPress.com or WordPress.org? The difference.


    @vivian, I didn’t ask for a link, I directed samsutherland to the wp.org forum (13 minutes after his post).

    @dawootenjr: Yes, versus giving him the answer or explaining the difference. First, as justjennifer says, there are two goddamn stickies up top (which countless people continue to ignore). Second, this forum gets flooded with posts by people who mistakenly come here while they have their own forum; keeping the two forums separate and not answering wp.org bloggers’ questions is not a personal quirk but an official directive from STAFF. So “be well” but be in your proper forum.



    Yes, we’re that busy. You’re the one who’s sleeping instead of doing his homework.



    @panaghiotisadam – sorry – I misread your post. (Should have been in bed, anyway).

    Gotta love it when someone who has been a member here less than a day (10 hours at this writing) tries to tell volunteers who have been here for years how our forum should be run.


    @vivian: (As you’ve probably seen, I didn’t need a link – the reference to Mimbo was enough.)

    I first came here 6 months ago, naturally because of a problem. I was stupid enough to read the stickies first, then search for a possible answer or for others with the same problem (instead of blindly jumping in with a new thread). Found the latter only, but seeing what the common element was made me suspect and point out a likely cause; and I only wrote in the related threads, till we got the solution (which involved Support correcting a malfunction). But I also found I liked this forum; and I spent at least one month (reading threads, learning things, experimenting in my test blog AND getting accustomed to the atmosphere here) before I dared open my mouth for any advice – let alone lecturing somebody. I’ve also searched the wp.org forum occasionally, but without ever posting there.

    Of course others know better.

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