Older Posts Published, Now Disappeared

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    I was scrolling down my homepage and blog page, and (for whatever reason), my older posts have completely disappeared…even though they’ve been published and still appear in my dashboard (under posts). Please help!

    The blog I need help with is aspiringtonothingness.com.



    Hi there,

    You have your site set up to only show a certain number of posts on the front page, and then only load more posts if someone clicks the Older posts button. It seems that button is very light against your site background, though:


    If you want older posts to load automatically, you can activate infinite scroll from your Reading Settings here:


    Or you can add the following CSS code at My Sites ->Customize ->Additional CSS to make the text darker:

     * Make Older Posts button darker
    #infinite-handle span  {
    	color: #666666;

    Ase you have a Business Plan, please note that you have access to 24/7 live chat and priority email support. This forum is staffed primarily by volunteers who don’t have access to the tools needed to help you with your site’s Business Plan features, so next time please contact support directly here:



    Hi there,

    Thanks for your response! I’ve added the code to make older posts button darker, but when I proceed to click, it fails to load posts accordingly. Any idea why that may be? Thanks in advance!



    I could have sworn it worked for me yesterday, but I could be mistaken. Either way, it doesn’t appear as if any of the Reading Settings are working – even if I change the number of posts on the front page, the same number always shows and the Older Posts button doesn’t work.

    I notice you have some plugins installed that don’t seem to be doing anything, like bbPress which is a forums plugin, but you don’t have a forum anywhere on your site. To rule out a plugin compatibility issue, please deactivate all the plugins on your site (except the few default ones that cannot be disabled).

    If the older posts button starts working, that would confirm a plugin is causing this. Then just reactivate your plugins one at a time until it breaks again to figure out which plugin is responsible.

    For more help with this I really recommend that you start a live chat with us, as that way we can guide you through the process in real time. Here in the forum I’m not able to reply to you immediately.


    I’ve followed everything you’ve suggested step-by-step, but unfortunately, it’s still not working.

    How do I start a live chat? I’m fairly new to this, so please advise. Thanks!



    You can start a live chat via the link I gave in my first reply:


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