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olympic medal counter widget?

  1. am looking for a stylish looking, Beijing Olympics, medal counter, tally widget
    i've looked for one
    because i'm not a widget person i'm not sure what i'm doing or really looking for
    i would like the URL to download one or where i can copy and paste the widget language
    html? code
    i would like the link to it so that those that look at my Olympic posts can get a counter for themselves
    i don't want to put one on my blog!

  2. Look...a simple Google search came up with this:

  3. wpvstp
    thanx so much
    what a clever person you are :-)

    i've downloaded it unziped it and i can't see any widget medal counter on my desk top
    is supposed to show up on the browser?
    may be it's for a mac?

    pls will someone try downloading it to see if it works and actually is a medal counter
    need the link for those that do want a chart of the medals

  4. It appears to be a MAC alright, but just do a Google search for olympic medals widget and I'm sure you will find something.

  5. wpvstp

    boo hoo - Url is for an apple mac
    no wonder i couldn't see it anywhere!

    they don't mention that is was a mac widget - i wonder why not.........
    any way thanx for yr time

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