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Olympics = readership drop?

  1. Or is it just me?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Also in the Northern Hemisphere, it's summer when people tend to spend more time with their children, etc.

    I'm not certain if it radically has affected my blogs at this time. But then one of the reasons why I started one of my blogs was to give impressions of living in the 2010 Olympic city,Vancouver before, during and just after the Olympics.

    I do get some traffic on a regular basis where people get to blogs through the keyword Olympics and other word combinations.

  3. Could be. I've lost some views lately. Each day 'm getting a whole thousand less than I was before

  4. Yep. Not just here, either.

  5. I... really doubt that's the reason. XD

  6. Well I'm currently enjoying the olympics ;)

    Just another rainy day in London.

  7. My views dropped off as soon as school went out. But I guess I can blame the Olympics too.




    Ahem, sorry. Mine havent dropped although most of mine at search engine views anyway

  9. *are

    I need to stop drinking =/

  10. So are mine, Pete. I think people are just searching for different things! LOL Thanks for feedback, everyone!

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