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  1. hello support. i see a strange button on the place where the edit should be visible? how comes? anyone there plz be able to repair this "suddenly" - so "coincidentaly" - "happening" - happening?

    i say: wikileaks


    and ask support to please respond to this here as soon as possible plz as soon as possible. we're directly linked from and to higher and larger media than this hacker must have thought.

    there will be many quite some many witnesses if anything happens there.

    yes, we also have like uncountable backups

    BUT - our readers and visitors would like to know if still anythin is alright. last time (sept11th) there were plains already


    they were only waiting

    right now still some pips there some congressclowns are dancing on the noses of pips who are elected right now


    please tace care of the wikileaks vs pentagon video - of course, quite some pips are a bit... suprised how much this person there in texas thinks to allow himself -

    and right now someone seems to play with the edit button and I urgently ask the wordpress staff to answer

    to reply asap

    if you do not answer pips might think you prefer middle age which would be quite a surprise for a site knowing about android

    and so plz asap an answer what happened with the edit button.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ...hello? staff of wordpress still alive?

  3. ok, no prob. as long as the edit button is not back, we will simply use this thread here for update:

  4. I don't understand the above posts, but I am also finding a strange button at the top of my dashboard. Also, one of my blogs looks different -- some widgets have disappeared from the side, and the font in my photo captions is different from what it used to be.

  5. Mine was shut down, so we had to transfer to another sight. Sadly we took many who visit here, with us. What is strange is my increase in Traffic jumped remarkably so I have to wonder.........did we stifle ourselves on WordPress after all? Dont know.

  6. @teeater - I have no idea what you are talking about...

  7. I LOVE Wikileaks.

    I also like the changes to the Admin bar. When you go to different blogs, it shows their gravatar.

  8. I love the changes to the Admin bar too. Now it's almost the same as the one on my wordpress.ORG install. :)

  9. The dropdown menu under My Blogs is a flat-out WONDERFUL addition.

  10. pornstarbabylon

    I can't edit when before I could right from the main page when editing a post or page. I have to now go in my dashboard and find the post or page and edit it through that way.

    I also hate the nav bar being wherever I go now in WordPress. I don't believe it was here while in the forum. It's like it's hovering over me watching me!! It also takes up space when most of that area above in my browser is already cluttered.

  11. @pornstarbabylon
    I can edit my posts in the Inuit Types theme from the post page itself. Aren't your using the same theme?

  12. pornstarbabylon

    I'm using Inuit Types on my first blog and Vigilance on my second and neither can be edited from the post or page itself. Now with further checking, I do see we can edit but not from the nav bar which is how I always edited. Okay, cool. just as long as I can still edit from the post or page itself. It's gone from the nav bar which is how i always did it but after what you said, I went to check and it's there now but not like how I remembered. So forget everything I just said. lol

  13. Not to worry - being faced with an unannounced change is always freaky experience. Blog on! :)

  14. I really like the new nav bar!!! But I notice the edit option is gone is there by any chance that this option will be returned to the nav bar ?

  15. pornstarbabylon

    The floating nav bar is so utterly annoying though.

    Have the little Penguins all come out here or are they still on Twitter? I would think because they're still on school vacation, they would all be here more so saying OMG WTF.

  16. @slik
    Maybe I have adjusted to the nav bar change at more readily than others because I use ViperBond's nav bar plugin on my wordpress.ORG install. With that one I can reach virtually everywhere in the Admin section of my blog from the front page by using the links on the nav bar. It's so convenient.

  17. pornstarbabylon

    An edit button all >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the way to the right of the nav bar has magically appeared.

  18. Cool .. now be patient because maybe we will get lucky and get all the links that I have on my wordpres.ORG nav bar ViperBond plugin I referred to above.

  19. I like that the new navbar floats. That way I don't have to scroll all the way back up to the top to get to it.

  20. @TSP
    Me too :)

  21. That isn't all that has changed.
    The theme I had is gone and replaced with this Coraline thing.
    But what is worse is that a majority of my text (html) widgets are gone.
    Including paypal links, clkick&pledge links and schedule listing.

    Who did this?

  22. @md2010... Cutline is gone, Coraline is the replacement.

    ...I can get used to the new navbar, but I'd like to know where the "add to blogroll" option has gone.

  23. I didn't notice that the nav bar floats until I read TSP's reply I am really digging that feature alone... = )

  24. While I like the overall revision of the Admin Bar, the floating and the addition of a blog's gravatar, I do not like the extra clicks it takes to get to my Dashboard.

    Also missing the "Subscribe to Blog" and "Add to Blogroll" buttons as previously pointed out.

  25. pornstarbabylon

    They should probably put the new edit button closer to the rest of the buttons instead of it being all the way over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

    Widgets aren't gone either. Go in your dashboard to where the widgets are and they're somewhere at the bottom.

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