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OMFG, I Came This Close To....

  1. FAILING Three Classes this semester. OK, to give a little background, I'm not usually a mediocre student, but this semester, with five classes and four of them being science classes and the other class being philosophy with a sexy yet, arrogant ass whole of a teacher, this semester was very hard.
    I was almost going to fail Biochemistry, Genetics, and Organic Chemistry 2
    I actually still have a genetics exam, but all I need is 50% on exam to pass class, and that's something I can achieve quite easily.

  2. Oh no - at least you didn't fail though! Get those books out right now young lady...

    Good luck!

  3. If the net had been around when I was in college, I would've failed, for sure :P Seriously, cram your ass off till it's over. It does make a difference, so long as ya get some sleep too. Good Luck


    Ok so I got a 74% on the final exam. And then I took the makeup exam, and I completely failed, unfortunately our makeup exam replaces the original exam we replaced even if its a lower score. And then like 2 minutes ago, I start to faint because I thought I failed. But then I realized she made a error on the overall grade so Im going to make it out of genetics. she had it 584/925 instead of 584/825. I almost died and started shaking. OMG, word of advice to future

  5. Oh and the makeup exam replaces an earlier exam that I didn't do good at NOT the final exam, thank god

  6. Sounds like you really had an intense schedule this semester! I find it a lot easier to do good on my exams if I start trying to learn the material early. I usually read over the chapters we will be going over ahead of time...usually the day of class, and it really help me understand everything when I get it from the professor in class. Then all you have to do is read your notes a few times over the days leading up to the test. Cramming is a VERY bad way to's really hard to retain anything from it, so it makes it harder to learn in future classes that are a higher level.

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