OMG! Not MORE WP Changes!

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    WordPress 2.5.1

    Dear God! Everyone: INCOMING!!!



    Take a deep breath. Not every change to the .org software is reflected here. In fact, until this latest upgrade, I do not recall .com bloggers even being aware of the .org versions — ie, are we still on 2.3.3?

    If the good stuff comes our way, great.



    Hello! I was in here asking about 2.5 changes being incorporated here less than two weeks before we got that Friday Evening Surprise.

    Now I know better and I reiterate: INCOMING!



    You don’t want them to fix bugs and security issues? :?



    I think it’s a good thing. diss gave me some links I was too scrambled to follow yesterday, so ASSUME the info about the vulnerability is now public. This is going to be a higher priority for than tweaking the Related Posts dooie.

    Change? It’s the only constant.



    Lol! I hate the new feature of automatically generated possibly related links! Its the sickest thing that wordpress could have ever got. 2.5 was a great update no doubt, but this was not what I expected Matt. :-(

    I found links to two gay blogs on one of my friend’s blogs; that too from posts which did not even hint at homosexuality! I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone wrote about their 18th birthday and got links leading to p0rn blogs!

    I’m more surprised when there was no attempt to hide adult blogs from this feature. At least, not any I know of. (When has wordpress ever documented all of their updates?)

    This is the first time I’m beginning to hate something about and I’m really unhappy about it!



    There has been an attempt to exclude Mature blogs. There are maybe five threads on it already. Report the porn. It will get removed.



    I’m with you MikeCane.

    WP needs to take a year moratorium on further changes.

    After all, the new Dashboard went over like a fart in church and the ridiculous “Related Links” was greeted by legions of angry, frustrated community members.

    These changes have only resulted in pissing people off.



    I see one “new feature.” I’m now getting a WordPress Tip in the Dahsboard, asking me if I’d like to hand over $15/year so I can have a personalized URL.

    If they can send out a frikkin Tip like *that*, WTF couldn’t they have broadcasted that damned “Possibly Related Posts” that way too?



    You are entirely missing the point. As I have noticed, the related posts keep changing every time there’s a new post posted by someone at that’s related to my post! How in the hell can people keep looking for porn related links to all of their posts?!?! That’s the most unrealistic approach to the problem. First, give us a *feature* that we don’t want and expect us to waste time and energy to keep it right?! This is insane!



    Any way of removing the ‘related post’ feature – I find it really annoying….



    the only constant thing is change



    And you only know that because you just read it in another post in another thread.

    Mooregroup – go to Design > Extras and tick the box that says “Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other’s blogs or get traffic that way”.




    Thanks Cornell – That was easy – but you saved me 30-40 valuable minutes messing about trying to find it…


    Automatic possibly related links have GOT TO GO. Over half are not related; some are so way off base they are distracting. I have carefully cultivated my audience and write on a very specific topic.

    Are you listening WordPress team? Give me an option to GET RID of this function.



    janeaustensworld, your question was answered two posts above your own by cornell.

    go to Design > Extras and tick the box that says “Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other’s blogs or get traffic that way”.

    It’s far from intuitive how to remove this feature. An alert sent to the Dashboard page with a link to opt-out (or better yet making it opt-in in the first place) would have been very useful.


    This should absolutely have been an opt-in feature. It sucks that I was away from my blog for a few days and came back to this. Not cool, WordPress. In future, broadcast and advertise new “features” all you like. Just don’t automatically apply them to my blog without my knowledge.



    If you want to communicate with staff, that’s best done through the Support button on your dashboard. The forums are mostly just bloggers looking for technical help and others answering those questions.



    If no one has posted this, just go to DESIGN>EXTRAS>HIDE automatically generated

    You wont’ get any links from it anymore, but they won’t be on your site either, so there you go.


    “Any way of removing the ‘related post’ feature – I find it really annoying….” I so agree!

    Cornell thanks for the info about how to take this feature off. If the related posts were added according to tags or something useful, it might actually be an interesting feature, but as it is, all kinds of posts with no relationship whatsoever to what I’ve written are showing up.


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