OMG why does it keep stuffing up facebook

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    I don’t understand why I have to tell my blog which facebook page I want it to upload to everytime I publish a post. I am getting so sick of it. It is so annoying. I thought it was right, and oh no, it has gone to the wrong page, so now I have to go and fix it up AGAIN. What an earth is happening to wordpress. everything is going wrong. I’ve been using it for over 18 months and the last month has been the worse, everything keeps going wrong. Will the developers please stop playing with it, they are ruining it.

    The blog I need help with is


    Boyz have to tinker it seems.

    I’ve tagged this for staff attention and hopefully one of them will be around shortly to look into this for you.



    Please try the full reconnect procedure as detailed at


    I’ve done that, and I’ve done that, and I’ve done that, I post everyday and I think I have done this nearly everyday, it doesn’t help because then the next time I post I have to do it all again. It keeps going back to my personal page and I don’t want it to do that. Last night I made sure it was going to publish on my photography page, and then it publised on my personal. You never know what it is going to do.

    Can I add this problem is new, again another thing that used to work and now doesn’t.

    What other problems are going to come up. Pretty worried that one I will go to post and something will happen I won’t be able to. My faith in wordpress is dying with every change you guys make.
    This is one frustrated member. Can you hear the depression in my words.



    Why don’t you just disable Publicize and post manually to whichever FB page you want? It’ll take less time than checking to see which page it went to.



    Are you trying to Publicize to a page that is attached to your personal profile or a page-only account?

    Due to limitations on Facebook’s end, Publicize cannot publish to a page-only account.


    Since when, it has been doing it for the whole time I’ve been with wordpress, this has only started happening in the last few weeks.
    I set it to publicize to my photographers page, which is my page, and now it doesn’t. The page is attached to my personal profile.



    Ok, you appear to be one of the very small percentage of folks who can’t reconnect to Facebook after they made some changes on their end.

    We’re working on a fix, but for now I recommend just sharing manually.

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