omitting a page from the top navigation bar?

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    I have just changed my template to Connections, which displays the pages as navigation tabs across the top, as well as in the sidebar.

    Is there anyway I can omit certain pages from the navigation bar at the top?

    For example, I have a Static page as my arrival page (“Welcome to my website!”) – and I have excluded this from the page order list, so that it doesn’t show in the sidebar.

    But now it is showing up in my top navigation bar – and there is already an automatically generated “Home” page – so this is like repetition of 2 links to the same page: it’s taking up an extra tab in the navigation bar and is also confusing for readers because 2 differently named tabs take you to the same arrival page!

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you



    You make it a child page :)

    Edit the page and scroll to the bottom and set a page parent.



    Thank you, Lizii –

    If I made my “Welcome to my website” page a Child Page – would I still be able to set it as the static arrival “Front page”? I really need to keep it as the first page people see when they arrive at the website…




    Oh – I just made my front (static) page a Child page and it worked! It is now removed from the navigation bar at the top but still showing up as the front arrival page.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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