On a referrer I got today, my blog and all of WordPress gets dissed!

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    I got this referrer today from a forum. But the best insult I got was like a week ago when a WordPress user left a comment on my blog saying that my blog is the reason why terrorists hate America. Now that’s funny! But here it is:


    Blogs, WordPress, They make me wonder.

    I do wonder how blogs and wordpress accounts can get such
    great PR’s with little content that seems to be meaningfull, Ive
    seen a lot that are good, but this one just boggled me on how it
    has a PR5. Do they have good connections or what?

    http://eteraz.wordpress.com/ (PR4)
    http://rahulm.wordpress.com/ (PR4)
    http://****.wordpress.com/ (PR5)
    http://nosysnoop.wordpress.com/ (PR6)

    I dont understand, these wordpress accounts make it look so easy and
    it doesnt appear they write a whole lot of important stuff.


    PR is all about links. Content is not a factor. Those homepages probably have a decent number of links pointing to them.

    Also a PR of 4 is very easy to do. Anyone who tries can do it. PR5 doesn’ take much more work.


    I was curious what you meant by little meaningful content so I looked at your first example and quickly found this post:


    Seems like a well written commentary on an interesting topic. The thrust of the blog is strange to me, but there are a number of examples like that page. If I were hired to personally replace Google’s PR algorithm, I’d probably give the site higher than a PR4.


    blogs have an advantage over nonblog-sites that they can participate in promotional activities that are organised by the bloggin community, you have things like blog carnivals and blog aggregate feeds and many more tools, I just make all my content sites blog-like these days.

    You can also get much attention by making a beautiful design and working with standards compliant code, you can then submit your site to CSS gallery sites and sites like CSS Reboot.
    This sector of the internet, the webtech sector, is very rich in PageRank, so if you want lots of PageRank, regardless of it being offtopic, just submit your site at all the webstandards networking sites and CSS galleries.
    Of course, you don’t need to expect amazing SEO results from getting lots of offtopic PageRank but it does help when you sell links on your site, through places like textlinksbroker, they just really like PageRank at those networks so even PageRank itself has a certain value.



    nosysnoop I’m in the very thick category so I ask: And your point would be?



    I think I got my PR5 for my test blog when it was really my blog here simply because of all the links I had here in the forums. At least that’s what showed up after PR got set last time.

    I’m really curious to see what it will be this time around with all of the additional links.



    There’s no point to it. The other day drmike posted a link to a PC World article that mentioned WordPress. I know that forum isn’t PC World. I just thought it was funny.



    Orignally I thought how ironic it was that you got a refferal from a site that dissed you. From myopic newbies view point – the whole rating thing is as weird as … well, fill in the ______.



    Personally I can’t even see why people are so obsessed with PR and popularity and stuff.

    Me? I blog. I blog because I enjoy it. I review because I like to (try and) help others. Always been my way.

    I don’t do website design, hosting or or anything that my personal life would be improved by worrying about PR and SEO, so I don’t let it bother me.



    It’s a geek thing. :)

    I actually hate dealing with SEO. I got involved in it when I noticed that Google and Yahoo had thousands of broken links to one of my sites. (*chuckle* They still do and the site’s been down for years)

    Plus a have clients who worry about the difference between a 4 and a 5. There’s some serious money involved in this stuff. (Well, they say there is)



    Could someone’s pagerank ever lower even if they don’t break any of the Google link rule things?



    We’ve had people in here who have complained that Google doesn’t see their blogs. IIRC, in every case, it’s because they don’t have any or very few inbound links to their site. Those are the ones who are going to get PR1s and PR2s probably. I have clients with low scores as well.

    Google has ways of punishing you if you do something wrong or try to cheat their system. I have a client who runs a DMOZ mirror and is an editor over there. The site is basically nothing but links set up as a directory and Google zero’s him out every couple of months. They we have to prove it’s not a spam site and they have to go back and resubmit it.

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