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On average...How many posts do u publish a week???...a month???

  1. cindyashleymiller

    I have published 20 posts in the 18 days i have been on this 7 a week...

  2. I've only been going about a week and I have five posts, so I'll have to say on average about five posts per week. ;)

    But that is more or less what I'm planning on aiming for anyway. I've stopped reading some blogs because of superfluous or unoriginal content, and I don't think I could sustain 1-2 posts per day at a degree of quality and significance that I was personally happy with - I'm sure some people could though.

    The way I see it, it's preferable to go a few days without a post and produce a strong post on the fourth day, than to produce weaker posts throughout the duration. Probably just an unfortunate habit picked up by normally having to produce content that sells.

  3. I write one post a day everyday

  4. You write well, luridtofdoom. I read your mad hatter tea party article...

    I write across 2 blogs --1 of them has a 2nd writer also. But he's had sufficient to say whereas I've been on my personal blog.

    I nearly forgot just now: that I also write for a 3rd external blog that belongs to our local tourism board.

    I tend to average 1 article per wk. or less. I have to be inspired to write otherwise my pieces will truly be insipid.

  5. I really want to avoid documenting my daily habits or daily bike rides in blog. In the end, that's not what people care to hear from me or 5 years later.

  6. I used to write less than 10 posts a month...but since last years, it becomes around 20 to 30 posts a month.

  7. I am posting about once every 2 days or so average so maybe 3 to 4 a week. Whenever I get a new song idea I throw it on there.. Depending on how much studio time I can get it, give a brief working mix can kinda limit how much I can get up on there. It can be somewhat labor intensive but I absolutely love it! How cool is it that people from around the world can listen to what I'm writing and recording and give their input!!!


  8. Wow do you guys work? lol I didn't mean it the way I say it but congratulations for being so regular! I work and when I don't work I go to school and when I don't do any of the two, I volunteer for an organization. I'm extra busy!
    I write one post a week and it's like pulling teeth. I love writing, I'll be happy when I'll get paid to update a blog.

  9. cindyashleymiller

    To hibiscusjaune...Oooo, i definitely work...i am a practicing Attorney...a Certified Public Accountant...and i volunteer 1 or 2 evenings a week @ my county's food bank for the poor.

    The trick is...i sleep verrrrry little ;-)

  10. agreed, I sleep very little as well. Sales manager so work crazy hours, make time for the kids, try to write, record and mix ideas and such. It's defenately taking it's toll on me but I'm still enjoying this.

  11. most days usually after work

  12. theintentionalsage

    I publish a new post everyday and if I happen to miss a day (or two) like I did in July, I make up for it by posting 2 or 3 posts in one day somewhere down the line in the month. My aim is to have as many posts in a month as there are days because, let's face it, I am writing a "Daily Imagining."

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  13. When I first started out I posted about 10 - 15 a month, but now after nearly 4 years, the thrill's kind of worn off. If I post once a week, I'm happy with that.

  14. I post daily, sometimes more.

  15. hello perfectonlyinherimperfections,

    have you ever looked at psychforums? I think you might find some like-minded people there who share your, uh, affliction.

    wishing you well,


  16. I have written a post almost everyday for the past 13 months. I hardly ever miss more than one post per month.

  17. I've only been blogging for about 5-6 weeks now, but I'm trying to write a post a day. So far, I'm more or less on schedule so I'm hoping I can keep it going!

    I suspect a big part of that rate is the novelty factor and in the long term I'll drop down to 3-4 per week, but for now I'm enjoying writing regularly again (something I haven't done for years outside of work).

  18. 2 posts a month. Ahh I'm a Bad blogger. T_T
    I Lack inspiration....

  19. I honestly couldn't write about any old topic of the day. For certain, it would drive alot my readers (not that I have tons) away from the 3 blogs that write for. I tend to want to write on a certain theme or for a particular purpose. Not just to vent. It helps me write better --I hope.

  20. I've been trying for once a week, but I work full-time and it is hard to squeeze it in.

  21. @Maeidiebike yeah, having a certain theme helps a lot. I used to write few posts a month because I don't have the right theme...once I have what I want to write regularly, the words keep flowing from my mind to my blog.

    @Citygirl I also work from morning till night...the trick is, well for me, to write 4 to 5 post on saturday then publish them in different days.

  22. a post every 2 days........but very often I re-use an old post and brush it up.

    Sometimes it has to be corrected, or it needs a different title or new pictures, sometimes it can be re-published just as it is. The blog becomes a kind of carousel where the same things appear after maybe about half a year.

  23. I have so many ideas but my posts are so long... It takes me forever to finish writing one, I put a lot of energy on finding visuals that reinforce my posts and I have a bilingual blog so I have to ranslate all my articles.

    I wish I could write a post every day! I envy you guys! Congratulations!

  24. I think you care about your writing style hibsicusjaune. Anyone who has an interest and love of wordsmithing, can see that.

    It does take some time to write a decent piece.
    And I know my work-related /professional colleagues and prospective employers can see my articles, because I do provide a link to the business oriented blog.

    In the end, that is core reason why I exercise care in writing style, selection of topics, selection of photos for a pleasing, relevant composition and no use of profanity. It's so easy now for people to find out more about a person on the Internet.

    You are tackling complex topics of racism, cultural appropriation, colonization in some of your blog writings. Kudos to you.

    I do have opinions based on a number of experiences and also because I did volunteer work in the past for several years prior to cycing in race relations and immigrant services. However I have yet to write about such topics on the blogs. It takes alot of thought and personal reflection to tackle such areas.

    Many stories to tell. Maybe I should write a book. (Perish the thought. Sounds even more agonizing to my Muse.)


  25. I published 1 posts in 1 day ,i like posting

    wow gold

  26. Once a week. Plenty of photos and trilingual blog requires a lot of work.

  27. I tend to go for quality over quantity. However balancing a full-time Journalism course with 3 jobs is not easy.


  28. Hm. I've made 18 posts since I've signed up, which was on August 4th of this year.
    So maybe, 4-5 posts per week, average? A pretty good pace for me.
    But then again, my posts aren't very long, drawn out or opinionated ones.

  29. Probably 10 blogs a week.

  30. michaeljchicago

    I wish I had the time to post more than once a week! I think I need a better time management plan!

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