On Coraline: how to remove "Comments are closed" line?

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    I have a blog on Coraline, and another on Twenty Ten. I have disabled Comments on both, and on each post I make sure the box to Allow Comments is left unchecked.

    On the Coraline blog, I get a line at the bottom of each blog entry which reads:
    “Comments are closed.”

    On the Twenty Ten blog, this line does not appear.

    Is there some way of getting rid of this line on Coraline?

    The reason why I ask is that we have a line on some blog entries which say:
    “Contact us with your comments” (using a form/email), so it looks contradictory to invite comments on one line, when the next line says “Comments are closed”.

    Many thanks for your help
    Blog url: http://friendsoflewes.wordpress.com/



    Hi there,

    Many themes do include text, such as “Comments Off” or “Comments are closed.”

    If you wish to hide this text, you would need to use the Custom Design upgrade.

    This allows you to customize your theme, change layout and colors, hide unwanted elements, and more. However, this does require at least some basic experience with CSS and HTML.

    To learn more about the upgrade, see here:

    Don’t hesitate to contact us again if you need anymore help. :-)



    thank you chris for the quick reply – guess I knew that would be the answer…..However this does require US$30 per annum….

    Alternatively, how do I contact Coraline’s developer? Perhaps other users would like to choose whether or not to use this sentence, and it would be a small but useful enhancement to a very popular theme?

    many thanks again



    We actually developed Coraline, and will take this into consideration.

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