on different browsers my blog looks totally different?

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    What the heck, this is driving me absolutely bonkers. I download my images on Firefox and my blog looks fine there, but on Safari the images are stretched and distorted, or just absolutely huge. I have had family members view it on Internet Expolrer and some of them say it looks fine and others see the distorted version. What am I doing wrong, why would this be happening? my site is iindulge.wordpress.com. Someone please help me I don’t even know where to start to fix this problem.




    for the most part, your blog may look different in different browsers, as wordpress is compatible with firefox and not necessarily ie or safari.


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    These references is may also be useful.
    From the forum search box https://en.forums.wordpress.com/search.php?q=safari



    All right so it may not look great in Safari, I can handle that, but some people say that they are having the same problem looking at it in Internet Explorer. There is nothing I can do? That’s really the pits!



    I use Safari all the time. And this problem has never happened in my blogs… Your homepage looks perfect to me. However, the other page’s pics look distorted indeed. I checked the source of one of your pages and the only thing that I found different from mines is the “del” tag (that I have no idea of what is for, btw). I would give a try uploading the pics from Safari…



    OK, I did it for you and here’s seems to be the problem: when I upload a pic (fae2) from Safari to my test blog it appears “cropped”, which means is too big. What I do all the time is 1. find out what the maximum pixel width is allowed by each theme. I do this by trial and error each time I start a new blog, after having selected the theme I’m going to use. It goes usually from 390 to 500 px on the ones I’ve used; and 2. editing my pics so they’re THAT width before I upload them. This also help the images to be loaded faster by your readers. Hope this helps.


    I have never had any problems with photos being stretched or distorted, but I always size them to the exact size I want before uploading them. They always look right in Safari or Firefox or IE, and on Mac or on Win-duh’s. If you grab a handle on the image and resize it after you have uploaded them, or inserted them onto a page or into a post, it can distort them.

    All browsers are not equal when it comes to displaying a page. Each interprets the code differently and so there will always be some differences in how a page looks from one browser to another, but typically they are minor differences.

    My suggestion is to size the images for a little less than the maximum width that can be placed on a page in your particular theme before uploading them and see where that gets you. It has always worked for me.



    take a look here for image size recommendations, too:


    And if you want to resize the picture the HTML way (instead of correctly resizing it in an editor before uploading), switch to the CODE tab and change the WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes while maintaining aspect ratio. If you dare resize it through the Visual tab, all sorts of crazy will happen.


    Safari doesn’t always distort, very rarely does it do that with me. Sometimes though, if the image is too big for the page, it’ll interfere with the sidebar.

    I think for best viewing, check your blog out on Firefox of Camino.



    As far as I’ve seen, Safari crops the right sides of the images that are too wide when they have been uploaded from Safari. Or interfere the sidebar, I guess it depends on how too-wide and the theme selected (as sacredpath pointed). And it distorts the too wide ones uploaded by Firefox.



    It is really, really much easier to help you if you link your username to your blog, which you can do on your profile page. Otherwise, we’re just guessing. Maybe it’s something specific to your blog, but we have no way of knowing right now.



    (@abbydonkrafts-What would be the point of resizing an image by changing height and width properties in the code? Isn’t the whole point to reduce the size of an image KB-wise to make it web friendly? Just askin’.)

    (@raincoaster-I don’t suppose there’s any way of making people’s wp.com blog address an automatic field in their profile when they come through into the forums. They’ve already got a wp.com account, no?)



    We have asked and asked. And it’s up to staff, who know quite well it would make everyone’s lives easier.

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