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On how long an articles stays on a Depo page.

  1. Please tell me if I am seeing this correctly or not:

    In the Depo theme, Article 1 shows up on the blog page and keeps moving to the next right column as new posts are published. Yes? So that, when the fourth post is published, that first post #1 slides off the page and is archived.

    Whereas in other regular templates such as Cutline or Vigilance, that Article #1 can stay on the same ”page“ for as many as 20 articles, depending on how many I choose to have showing. Yes?

    So that whereas I earlier thought that Depo was good for giving exposure to a lot of articles, actually that is not true. Yes?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes.

  3. My dear Sacredness :-)
    Thank you, yes.


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