On How to Mess with Fonts

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    I have been copying and pasting stuff out of Word into the text editor and it’s been letting me do all sorts of fonts. Verdana, Times New Roman, whatever. Check it out.


    Interesting dodge – one thing though: you have to be EXTREMELY careful with copy n paste from any word processor into something like wp…. and especially with a microsoft product (all of which are known for throwing untold amounts of extraneous crap into your work….)



    It’s true, you can’t always trust two HTML editors to talk nicely. This is probably the most common cause of blogs looking bad in the browser: bad HTML pasted into the editor.



    Please help. I would love to know if therre is a way to change fonts, font sizes or ar LEAST font colors in the WordPress theme: Andreas09 1.5
    Would a different theme be a better choice?

    I can’t even get a link to stand out because it’s there, but in the same font as the rest of the text. What, if any, are my options here??

    my page is: http://thetempest.wordpress.com

    Please email a response to (email redacted), because it took me forever to get to this page and I could use a response asap. Many thanks.



    Been discussed before. You may want to do a search for such terms as “font text”, “font color” and, “font size” to see these discussions.

    – Turn off the rich text editor. You’ll have better control over your posts anyway. (Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile -> Uncheck that box at the bottom of the page that says “Use the visual rich editor when writing” and click on “Update Profile”)

    – You can use fonts tags in an attempt to override what the theme author has give you.

    – I see the links fine on your site. Nice and blue compared to the black color of your text.

    – You can also choose another theme if you don’t like the one that you have. If you do like the theme and want to stay with it, you might to want to give Paid Hosting a try and install the theme yourself. That way you can edit it to your hearts content.

    – Sorry, don’t do house calls. :) You can review your own threads by clicking on the Your Profile link above of the “members” tags beneith your name.

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