On images resolution and quality, please

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    Hi all! Here goes my first post… happy to be here. Hope you can help me.

    Ok, so, I only upload images to my matteobertolino.wordpress.com.
    i upload 800X532, at 72dpi, which is normal for any image on the web. I used to see it perfect on blogger platform for instance, let alone on my Mac. Now i lose sharpness a lot, definition and clarity.
    I even later uploaded at higher res, but still the same problem.
    Any help from anyone?
    To minimize the impact of this poor quality i reduced the images from 100% to up to 80%, in “image advanced settings”, but still. I think I tried everything. Is it a problem with the theme i am using?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    The blog I need help with is matteobertolino.wordpress.com.

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