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On swipe for iPad gone.

  1. I've just read that the on swipe theme for iPad has been disabled. Why? Nobody was told or warned that this was going to happen. I use I pad all the time and sometimes I do use the iPad theme, not often I grant you but it just seems odd that WP have done this so suddenly.

    Added to this the very poor response on the IOS forums I would say that iPad users are getting a raw deal.
    Any other iPad users on here who thinks this seems a little arbitrary.

  2. @timethief,
    Yes, I just saw it today. But I had no idea this was about to happen before then. However, I've just been deactivating it etc. I just wondered why they had done it as iPad users do seem to be low down in the pecking order. The waiting time for a response in IOS forums is very frustrating if indeed you get one at all.

    Thanks anyway TT.

  3. Edit, reactivating I mean not de activating. *roll eyes*

  4. We're working hard to improve the user experience for iPad and tablet users. Stay tuned. :-)

    In the meantime, you're welcome to enable OnSwipe if you'd like:

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