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One account, two blogs?

  1. I Created an account yesterday and got two passwords, one of them worked. I logged in, did all the settings and wrote a post. Evereything was fine.
    Then today the blog looked different. Accoring to the account manager I have TWO blogs, but they are the same, they just look a bit different. The webbrowser seems to chose between them. Strange. How can I fix this?
    ( The blogs have exactly the same name! )

  2. Since you don't give us any details, there's little we can do to help you. Best bet would be to submit a feedback to staff from your dashboard. I would suggest giving them the details involved.


  3. How to create two blogs in same account wiht same user name and password

  4. Go to and in the blue box with your name and the name(s) of your blog(s), you will see a link that says "Register another blog". Click there and follow the prompts.

    There has been a problem lately with new blogs not being readily accessible for admin (read about it here: ).

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