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    I want to start a new blog, but I wnat it to be available in 2 languages; english and spanish. I’m fluent in both, do I need to create 2 separate blogs and translate one into the other or can I write one in both languages. Ideally I’d like to have both as separate blogs, can I export from say, the english version to the spanish one and then transdlate?



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    Yes, you can have two blogs, one for english and one for spanish and then you can even provide tabs in the main navigation to the other language site.

    Probably the easiest way would be to create the post in one blog and then from the HTML tab on that blog, copy everything and then paste it into the HTML tab on the post editor for the other language, do the translation and then publish that one.

    There is an export function, but it is generally aimed at transferring an entire site’s content rather than just a post or two or three, so the copy and paste is going to be your best way. Once you get used to it, it shouldn’t take anytime at all.


    I would like to have duplicate blogs in 2 languages, but I am thinking that unique characters will be a problem. The language would be Fulfulde (has 4 unique characters).
    Any ideas or tips?



    @smiloch: Unless I misunderstood you, your question is not specifically about having a blog in two languages but rather inserting special characters. See here please.
    Next time (or if you want to follow up on this) it’s best if you create a separate topic.

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