One category hidden post in new blog can't be deleted

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    I am setting up my new blog using the responsive theme (great theme by the way).

    When installing the category widget, it is showing up with one category already attached to it (uncategorized). That is fine, however it is also showing a hidden post is already attached to that category.

    When you click on it to look at it, it takes you to the ‘posts’ section, which is showing no posts.

    We have added new pages but no posts.

    It will not allow me to delete the category. I have tried (successfully) renaming the category, but this did not help. I have tried completely deleting the widget and reinstalling it. That did not help either.

    This hidden post is also showing up in all the category menus visible to users, but when a user clicks on it, it brings up an error message saying no post is found.

    I would like to delete the phantom post and also the whole category.

    I would appreciate an explanation about what’s going on or maybe suggestions as to what I can do. Thanks.

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    The blog I need help with is



    a) There’s no point displaying the Categories widget when you haven’t published any posts. You should temporarily remove the widget.
    b) At the moment Uncategorized is your default post category (= the category a post will automatically be filed under, if you don’t file it yourself under a different category). You can’t delete the default category. After you add at least one other category, you can go to Settings > Writing, set that other category as your default posts category, then go to Posts > Categories and delete Uncategorized.



    Ok, I was under the impression that I could add the category widget, but that it won’t show up until I posted anything. I will delete the widget and try a post. Thanks.



    Me too. Thanks.

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