One common theme or Ad hoc?

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    Hi guys

    Today is my first day creating a blog and writing a few posts. I’m just wondering what the general concensus is about how a blog should be written. The name of my blog is the way it is as i want to keep it annonymous for the time being, and also generic as i am posting on different subjects that happen to appeal or be relevant at the time. Is this ad hoc nature of posting a good idea or bad, as i’m now wondering whether there should be a central theme to the blog so that all the posts have a similar story or background, how do these approaches come across from a reader?

    It would be good to hear some opinions on this particularly from those who have a bit more experience…hope i’ve made sense lol


    The blog I need help with is


    My advice is to not worry about it and blog your passion, even if that passion covers a lot of territory. I think far too many people get themselves caught in narrow niches and then end up having a hard time coming up with regular interesting posts because their blog’s focus is sharp.

    The blog will end up deciding what it is going to be. Just let it happen.


    Cool, thanks for the reply…i was hoping that would be the case as random is far more interesting!


    You’re welcome, and just go where the winds and your interests take you.


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    “just go where the winds and your interests take you” within limits. :-(



    I believe I have an article which may be helpful.


    Cool, thanks for that!



    You’re welcome. :)

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