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One is a tad baffled.

  1. Yesterday, I re blogged a post onto my blog then later, I posted one of my own posts. However, the re blogged post was still above mine in the order of posting.
    Is this normal or is something wrong? I am baffled because I always thought that the last post showed up first.

    Thank you.

  2. There are two posts dated 8 April. They appear in the correct order according to the time-stamps on each.
    The re-blogged post is time-stamped: T15:26:55
    <time datetime="2013-04-08T15:26:55+00:00" class="entry-date">April 8, 2013</time>
    The other post is time-stamped: T08:59:22
    <time datetime="2013-04-08T08:59:22+00:00" class="entry-date">April 8, 2013</time>

  3. Oh. But I definately published my post later. Never mind. It's not THAT important but I just wondered that's all.
    Thank you for your response, 1Tess. :)

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