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One last attempt before I give UP - Missing Blue Bar Menu?

  1. Can anyone help me find back the blue bar at top of page with "write new post", etc. Line has disappeared. I can see it alright when I am logged in as the admin - but not through the normal blog screen! I have spent a lot of time putting it together so dont really want to start over. Can anyone help? Please dont suggest clearing cache _ have already done this.

  2. Have you tried the suggestion in the "Missing Blue Bar" thread from two days ago?

  3. Yes - thanks - I have tried this. The thing is that I have always been able to get to dashboard, etc when I log in as admin - but when I go back to the blog that everyone else sees there is still NO blue bar menu. So people can leave a comment but cannot Write New Post.
    Yes have also emptied cache and reloaded the page. ---

    very frustrated!!!!!

  4. Did you do ALL of the suggestions in that thread, including adding "/wp-admin" to the end of your blog URL and hitting enter?

    And have you sent staff a feedback?

  5. Yes - I never had any problem getting to the admin area where i DO see the blue bar. I
    have added the /wp-admin - which takes me to the admin section and the blue bar appears. But it is NOT appearing in the ordinary blog screen which is the one that everyone else sees.

  6. Have you sent staff a feedback?

  7. yes - on friday - but the answer back was the empty and reload cache solution - which still didnt work

  8. Isn't the blue bar there for the administrator or users of the blog? If anyone who typed your URL had access to your blue bar at anytime, wouldn't your blog belong to anyone who visited?

  9. Actually you see it when logged in even if you're not on your own blog. You have less options though. All levels see it.

    Well should see it.

  10. The penny is dropping! Is it true that anyone who wants to post a new item on MY blog first has to sign up to get a WordPress account? I am hoping this is not the case - i hoped that since it is a community blog all users could write without any sign up, etc. If this is true then I need to add another instruction to the blog which sends users to the wordpress sign up area?
    thanks to anyone who is helping me on this!

  11. I still have no blue bar here in the forum but I do have it when I view my blog and other blogs. I guess I should go report it now since it obviously isn't coming back on its own.

  12. Just a question. What browsers are people using when this happens? I noticed yesterday in IE that my blue bar was missing, but sat here on FF tonight it's there no problem.

    Hang on, just checked on IE on my laptop and it's missing there too.

  13. I'm on the latest Firefox 2 for Mac. No blue bar here in the forum. I reported the problem via Feedback.

  14. louth, YES, anyone who wants to make a post on your blog not only needs to be a WordPress blogger but needs to have a special status set by you. blogs are not like wikis: not just anyone can come and make a post, although with some settings anyone can comment.

  15. thanks raincoaster. so i need to add something at the top of the page to tell my users to sign up with wordpress to get an account so that they can write a new post. do you happen to have a link i can view with this type of instruction text? thanks for all your help.

  16. I would suggest you write something simple in a text widget and put it at the top of your sidebar.

    AFAIK there's nothing like that written already so you'll have to make something up.

  17. I just saw the problem. It looks like it's disappears when you view your blog with a purchased domain. Says I'm not logged in as well on the front of the blog as well although adding in /wp-admin/ to the URL brings me right to the backend.


    We went through this with regular WPMu as well. Solved it to. It's a cookie issue and it's missing from the addon domain. Has to be added in to teh wp_sites table. At least that's what fixed it with all of our versions.

    I'll send in a feedback on Monday when I get in. I've got to get going soon.

    Someone please verify it's with an addon purchased domain where this is occuring?

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