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One more domain mapping needed:

  1. Hi support crew,

    I´ve searched some topics and it seems that the only way to get my domain mapped correctly to my blog is to ask you to perform some sort of mapping. I don't know whether I should be opening another topic for this, but I noticed that everyone does so in such requests. I'm sorry if I am doing it the wrong way.

    If there is a "proper" way of doing so, please let me know.

    In short: I need the following mapping; ->


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your zone record has been added. You can now map your domain using this guide:

    You can also add your own zone records with this page:

  3. Wow, that was


    Thank you very much!


  4. Not bad for unpaid help I guess

    You be welcome & good luck

  5. Hello

    I've tried to add my zone record here: , but i get this error message: "We cannot add a zone for the domain you've specified. Please contact support for help."

    My domain is


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