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One more question...

  1. bluelilydesign

    I am just getting used to WordPress, forgive me of my million questions....I am wondering, when people follow us by email, how do we keep track and see all the people that have subscribed to us? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please see here >
    Note >
    Clicking on the active number will show you the users who have subscribed with our Subscription feature in the admin bar. Clicking on “Email Subscribers” from this page will show the email addresses of all email subscribers, along with a link to download this as CSV.

  3. bluelilydesign

    Thanks timethief, after reading all this......let me see if I have it right....On the site stats page at the very bottom there's




    Site subscriptions: Is this where I will find how many and who have subscribed to me?

    Now that I have you here, I have one more question...:o)
    Under the settings I changed my email this morning, and I still haven't gotten confirmation on the change. I know things take time just curious as to how long? Thanks timethief and everyone!

  4. Where to find your subscribers:
    Dashboard > Site Stats > Total Subscriptions & Shares Module
    Site subscriptions: _#_ active subscribers
    Click that link ^

    I have no idea how long the autorespond will take. I do suggest that you check your email spam filter because the autoresponder emails are frequently found there.

  5. bluelilydesign

    Thanks, I found it, I don't have any but just wanted to make sure I knew where they were! haha! Thanks again. I've checked my junk all day, nothing from WP is in there.

  6. Any more questions? :) Glad you got everything fixed. WordPress is great!

  7. bluelilydesign

    Hi jessiethought, I am still trying to figure out why I can't change my email, it says I am waiting for it to be confirmed to my new email and haven't seen anything.

    Thanks ladies!

  8. @alteredforhim
    All I can suggest is that you check your email spam filter and you white list emails coming form in your email client. If you still do not receive the email you will have to contact Staff.

  9. bluelilydesign

    Hi timethief, I've been checking the spam and nothing..I will give it until morning and see what's up. Thanks so much, you're so helpful!

  10. Another member waited and waited and then posted to say he got the email. I'm sorry you are experiencing this. :( Thanks for being patient.

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