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One more thing to judge your blog by...

  1. Okay or not..But hey, you are all coming up with new things, I thought I should contribute too :P

    I'm not even sure what this is. Here goes -
    'Assessing readability of your blog':
    1. Go to
    2. Click on Advanced Search which is located to the right of the search input box.
    3. When the customization page opens, go down to where it says Reading Level. By default, it says “no reading level displayed”.
    4. Click on the drop down list and select: “annotate results with reading levels”
    5. Go further down, to where it says: “search within a site or a domain” and key in the domain of your blog
    6. Click on Advance Search.

    So, who knows more about it? And who can tell me what a result with - Basic<1%, Intermediate<1% and Advanced=99% means? That's mine.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I assume it's the reading level required to understand the site. Mine is almost the exact opposite from yours.

    Advanced 0%
    Intermediate 5%
    Basic 95%

    My ego says this is not a good thing. My pragmatic side says it is--the more accessible the site, the wider the audience. No wait, that's my ego talking as well.
    BTW, thanks for giving me something else to obsess over. :-)

  3. I dont really get it either.

  4. 100% Basic

    I'm guessing that's good. My mind is telling me the opposite though :/

  5. According to Web Grader:

    E. Readability Level: Secondary / High School

    This score measures the approximate level of education necessary to read and understand the web page content. In most cases, the content should be made to be simple so that a majority of the target audience can understand it.

    I guess it is logical and I do try to reach a broad demographic. But then Quantcast (when I was quantified before dropping the WordPress out of my addy) said most of our readership were university graduates (how the hell did it know??).

    So my advice is: JUST WRITE!

  6. Oh, and for the Goofle thing, I got

    68% Basic
    32% Intermediate
    <1 Advanced

    Well, the kids have been writing too..............

  7. The stats refer to age group.
    Basic - For all ages
    Intermediate - For the youth
    Advanced - Out and out adult content :P

    Or maybe I just read wrong, teamoyenini could be right :)

  8. Okay now I'm even more confused about my score. Not like I write about rocket science. Sheesh!

    So my blog is either actually good quality, or something even google couldn't comprehend.

    Btw, what are their criteria for the ratings? Any idea?

  9. I agree totally about just writing ..but at least write well!

  10. @Sayali - You have a very erudite approach to your blog, could well have translated to the 99% Advanced rating. My blog got 38 for intermediate and the rest for basic. And the posts which came under intermediate were the ones about the bomb blast and indian education.

  11. @Sami - lmao! I cannot mean adult content, my blog should have been a bloody hit otherwise :P

  12. Hmm well fair enough. I guess I do. At least I know I have learned people reading my blog. Can't make em all happy anyways.

  13. I couldn't found this feature on google search. I don't know what ratios would be for my blog? People say I write on very complicated topics.

  14. @Sayali - Don't think you need to be worried about you blog popularity just yet, doing a fabulous job as it is :)
    @Gaurav - I'm assuming you couldn't find the advanced search button? Search for something on Google and on the results page under the search button you'll see Advanced Search option.

  15. Mine is 100% Basic. I feel like a caveman. :P

  16. I discovered this morning it changes depending on what you search for relatin to your blog. This morning I searched for something slightly different (team oyeniyi with a space, rather than the URL) and this time I got

    Basic 50%
    Intermediate 41%
    Advanced 9%

    Seems each page is ranked individually and that, I think, is where the percentages come from.

    In other words, 50% of the pages are classified Basic, 41% Intermediate, etc.

    I searched for pethidine and got a high Advanced percentage, yet most of those didn't look too advanced to me, as they were targeted at the lay person. Perhaps the algorithym is more around words used than actual structure. Medical word = Advanced, sort of thing.

    On that basis, dare I suggest government = Basic! LOL

  17. Basic 21%
    Intermediate 79%
    Advanced 0%

    Interesting, I had a very high concentration in intermediate but not one percent in advanced.

  18. Basic: 0%
    Intermediate: 100%
    Advanced: 0%

    Hmm, I'm not really sure what this means; but it sounds promising nonetheless.

  19. @sami - aw thanks. I love my WP friends more than that google anyways.
    @Robyn - I tried again today and 2day my score is 29% basic, 41% intermediate and 30% advanced. So safe to say that this isn't really a very reliable means to judge anything.

  20. Basic 0%
    Intermediate 0%
    Advanced 0%

    This just goes along with my theory that I need to discard my ego.

  21. Gigi - does this mean you do ot exist at all? LOL zero? I'm sure if you searchf or something else that finds your blog, you'll get a different answer!

    Sayali - I think it depends on which of your pages are returned by the search term used at any given time.

    I'm not convinced of any of these web site assessment/rating things, to be honest!

  22. The shop I worked at used Website Grader to make sure the sites we made were appropriate for their audiences; the general rule was, for a government website providing information to the public, like a health site, you want content at about a sixth grade level.

    If you have a blog about metaphysics and it's coming in at sixth grade level, however, you have a problem.

  23. Mine is basic 76%, Internediate 24%. Well, I wouldn't claim to be highbrow!

  24. I bookmarked this,
    my one blog is basic 30% , intermediate 60%, Adv 10% .

    my goal is to keep/make that blog as readable to visitor, as possible.
    This could be a handy tool if its accurate.

  25. @gigisanchez
    ***rotflol** :D

  26. one cool site
    Basic 54%
    Intermediate 46%
    Advanced 0%

    this time - this space
    Basic 44%
    Intermediate 56%
    Advanced 0%

  27. Basic: 86% Intermediate: 14%

    Has it been established that this is determined by the reading level of your blog? If so, I don't mind these numbers...

  28. hi Tea,
    I came to this realization: 0,0,0 is for people that don't fit in boxes. I hate boxes so I am proud to hold this rank.

    hi TT,
    What is rotfol? I think I've seen this with 'mao' at the end and am scared to ask what it means.

    :o) (o:

  29. Basic: 60%

    Intermediate: 40%

    Advanced: 0%

    Good job I'm not aiming to write for a rocket scientist!

  30. rotfol=rolling on the floor laughing, with or without 'my ass off".

    I think there's a typo.

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