One of my blogs is being confused with my main blog

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    Ok, not sure if anyone has had this problem before.

    But I went to my second blog and it looked completely like my main blog with the wrong title in it.

    My second blog pages all returned with a 404.

    And trying to access my admin through the blue drop down menu took me to my main blog admin.

    I can’t send in feedback just yet because of the weekend, but I am wondering if anyone else is having this strange amalgamation occur between multiple blogs.



    I recall some people reporting this kind of mixup, but that was some weeks ago. In that case we had to have Support help out; they will be back in 9 hours or so.



    It sounds like the blog is having an association problem and it will be quick fixed by the staff on Monday. Send in a feedback with your both your blog addresses and your login information. That will get you fixed up!



    All is fixed, and I didn’t have to send feedback!

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