One of my categories is not displaying

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    I have three categories but a few weeks ago one disappeared from my home page. It’s still showing up when I’m in admin and I’m able to make posts to that category.

    I’ve twice deleted the category and put it in again but it’s still not visible on the left side of the home screen with the other categories.

    I’ve just started blogging and this issue is driving me crazy, please help!

    My blog is:

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    What is the Category title or URL?
    A dynamic category page and categories widgets have no data to display until you have published a post assigned to that category. Is that a factor here?
    Or have you forgotten to add the page to a custom menu?



    Is there a limit to the number of categories (or sub categories under a parent category?)
    Please see:
    (each semester we like to add students as a subcategory under the parent of “contributors” by semester)



    The maximum for the custom menu is a total of 88 pages or sub-pages. Notice I said “for the custom menu”. That’s the total of the pages and/or sub-pages that can be added to and displayed in a custom menu.

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