How can users subscribe to my blog?

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    I cannot understand your written “support” on subscriptions, and a follower wants to know how to obtain one. Cannot advise her. Can you advise me, please asap thanks
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    Users have two options for subscribing to your blog using the built-in email notification feature.

    If they already have a account and they’re logged in to it, all they have to do is click on Subscribe in the Admin Bar. This will automatically subscribe them to your blog, and they’ll receive notifications about new posts based on the defaults they set in their subscriptions settings.

    For users that don’t have an account on, you’ll want to add the Blog Subscription widget to your blog’s sidebar. This will show a simple form where users can enter their email address and click on subscribe. We will then send them a confirmation email with a link to confirm the subscription, and when they click the link their subscription will be activated.

    You can add the Blog Subscription widget under AppearanceWidgets. See the Widgets support page for help with managing widgets. We also have a page specifically for the Blog Subscription widget.

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