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One of my posts is missing

  1. You sent me an email that I had a response but the link went to an error screen. I have looked everywhere online and tried the search box but the post Garden Therapy, put up yesterday, has simply disappeared. Any ideas?
    Blog url:

  2. Hi there,
    We Volunteers don't provide email support so I'm not sure what you are referring to. The post was indexe by Google. I have flagged this thread so Staff will take a look at your blog.
    Will you please check in your Draft Posts, Pages and your Trash see if it's in there?

  3. I'm new at this and came to support - expecting that I would reach the staff but this is where the software took me. Thanks for telling the staff - how would I have done that to start with.

    The post went up yesterday and there was already a response which I answered. Today, there was another response - the notice I got about that response comes with a link back to it but instead of going to the post, it goes to a page that says "This is embarrassing, isn't it?"

    I searched all through my blog, under all posts, and so on and it is simply not there anymore. I don't know where the trash is but I certainly didn't put it there. I have a copy because I always save in Live Writer before exporting but what I really want to know is what the heck happened?

  4. Unfortunately, I don't know what happened. Please be patient while waiting for Staff to reply.

  5. It looks like you deleted that post 11 hours ago. It's still in the Trash sub-section of the Posts section of your blog's Dashboard, and you can recover it there.

  6. Thanks - but you will need to be very specific. I have opened everything I can see in the Dashboard and I see nothing labeled trash. How do I get to it?

    And BTW, I absolutely did not delete this - I was nowhere near my blog from the time the last comment came to the time I looked for the comment and couldn't find the post.

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