One page per post, or does it matter?

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    I only have one continuous page of posts. You could go to a post and scroll down without ever having to click onto to a post title. So folks might be reading my posts, but I wouldn’t know which ones – I presume the hit counter would only record the hit that took them to my blog. Should I do a page per post to ensure a recorded hit? – that is so that when folks go to read other posts on my blog, a hit would record. Maybe I just don’t know how the hit function works.



    Page per post doesn’t sound good to me.


    I typically set my blogs to three posts per page, but not for hits, simply because if it is set to a high number, when people scroll way down, the widgets in the sidebar end up somewhere over the moon and they have to scroll way back up if they wanted access to anything in them. I like to make it as easy on my readers as I can and I have having to scroll a long ways to get to or back to something.



    Not to me either wiidude. I don’t think I know what I’m talking about. It is entirely possible that when someone is referred to my blog by a particular topic, all they see is the one post. Then if they want to view others, that would have to tap on the catergory section, to see what I’ve published, or tap on a recent post link, which would record the hit. But maybe if they just go to, my entire blog is accessble by scroll down without the need to tap onto the post title, such that there would not be a recorded hit.



    That makes sense thesacredpath. I have about 30 posts, many in the political category, but not all. Maybe I can do several pages per category. Another thing, if it is not too complicated to explain, how do I create pages for my existing posts. Let’s say the last 3 political posts I’ve written. I can look it up, but if it’s simple, could you advise? Thanks


    People coming to your blog from search engines are most likely coming directly to the single-post page for a particular post (what you would see if you clicked on the title of the post).



    Hi all ! I’m a Newbie here and am wondering about the pages.

    Is it possible (should I do this) to have a special page for my photography?

    And if this is a feature, how do I do this?





    Of course it is. You just write a suitably titled page and upload your photos via the “Add an Image” button of the page editor.

    Before you do that, go to Settings > Media and set the display size you prefer (as well as “default media links” to “File”, if you want your photos to lead to a larger original when you click on them).

    For the theme you’re using, the photos needn’t be wider than 470 px. Use low resolution copies, so that you won’t tax the browser and won’t waste uploading space unnecessarily.

    And if the photos become too many, you should consider splitting the page – see here:

    By the way, when your question is not directly related to a thread, you’d better start a new thread of your own, otherwise you lessen the chances both of you getting an answer and of others who may be searching the thread titles for possible answers to a specific problem.



    @panaghiotisadam : Thankyou very much. I will try this tomorrow. Sorry about my question not being directly related to this thread. Will do better as I go along. :)

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