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One wordpress account, two webpages (not dual domains)

  1. I would like to create a new web page.
    I already have an wordpress account and a web page to this account.

    The big Q:
    Can I create a new, another web page (with a whole other theme and focus) with the same account ??

    I guess the answer is no, but when I then try to create a new account to my new webpage, it is not possible because my email account is already used to my first webpage/WP account... :s

    THANKS for the help

  2. You can have as many as you like. I have nineteen.

    Just go to the Manage My Blogs page of the global dashboard (or the main page) and click New Blog.

  3. Awesome, thanks!!
    Do you pay the $99 for the wordpress premium for each web page?

  4. For each BLOG.

  5. Thanks!

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