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One WordPress Username, blogs in different languages

  1. I am having a problem because I have several blogs, some in French, and some in English.
    I wouldn't care if two of my blogs were not cooperative blogs. The dashboards are really very frustrating as they're an impossible mixture of French and English, and when I try getting to the forums, sometimes I land in the French language forums, and other times in the English language ones.
    Is this me, or is this new since the wordpress change, which other than that, I really like in English, my primary blog in French, which would also be my primary blog, except you just can't do that ;) in English in French
    the last two are not very active, which is a good thing because given the mixture of languages, they would give me a lot of work.
    Any chance that I'm doing something wrong and that it could be fixed?

  2. I think you should send your feedback to staff on Monday. It's possible they're not that connected and you can help them see it from the user side.

  3. Thanks raincoaster

  4. I have taken a screenshot of the top of my dashboard, a mixture of French and English, when in fact I am in my English blog

    and I had a lot of trouble getting back here as clicking Forums kept taking me to the French language forums.

  5. I sent a copy of my problem to support. Hope they can help me

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