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One year ago widget request

  1. If you blog already longer than one year, it would be nice to have some widget like this wayback-stuff:

    Because all the old but good content is almost burried in time, and that would help to digg it out the old box of our blogs and make it easier accesible for new users. Wouldn't it? :)

  2. sulz already does this, but she does it as blog posts. Have you thought about doing it that way? Fills the blog at the same time.

  3. i insert the link of last year's posts in my current posts. while this is a workaround, i do admit it would be a lot convenient to have such a widget. right now i'm always updating my posts days after i publish it with links to last year's posts because i always forget to before publishing!

  4. raincoaster, no, i thought of a sidebar-widget which just shows the post on that particular day one year ago. Great would be, if it could show a little thumbnail of the image of that post (if there was one).

    Also it should have some options, if there weren't a post on that day, or more on one day, and so on... But no textlinks at all (or maybe as an option), because people tend to click pictures more than textlinks.

    After all i just talk about my needs, or wishes. Other people have surely different ideas for a widget like that.

  5. *chuckle* A remember a request like this a few months ago....

  6. drmike, wasn't it more like one year ago? ;)
    No joke, i did search the forum here before, but couldn't find any post related.

  7. It was one of my posts from about 4 months ago. I really would love to get this going!


  8. I'd love one of these (not that I've reached my first anniversary yet)

  9. Best bet would be to send in a feedback throwing in your support for this suggestion along with why you feel that it's important. Staff has said that keep track of suggestion made via the feedback form and jude new features based on that. Well, except for Latex. ;)

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