Only 7 blogposts on the startpage when I want 11

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    Something is really wrong with my blog. Only 7 blogpost are visible on the startpage when I want 11 there, and always have had 11 on the startpage. It doesn’t matter how I try changing it now – only 7 blogpost on the startpage. And under – empty space since I have 40 widgets in the sidebar.
    What’s wrong with the theme?
    / Yvonne
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    The blog I need help with is



    You have two problems. The seven post problem is the lesser of the two.

    First, are those ads, paid ads in your sidebar? Because that will get your blog suspended here; it is against the terms of service. If you receive no compensation in goods, services, or money for those posts, then that’s fine.

    Now, the reason it’s showing seven posts is that staff have adapted your theme for Infinite Scroll and that seems to be a fixed number. I’m afraid that’s all you can do. On my theme the number is fixed at five. You might look at switching to a theme with more widget areas so you can use the widgets more effectively.



    All the pictures are gone now. Not paid. I only wanted to show everyone who think our little town only exists in the summer (“a tourist paradise”) that our small town exists the year around.

    The problem with the visible posts on the startpage: Me and others with the same theme had the same problem a couple of months ago, but then every post was on the startpage (infinite scroll). Now it’s the opposite problem.
    I try changing theme, to Coraline, a theme I like (two sidebars is possible).

    (I’m not that good in English, sorry for not so good spelling).
    / Yvonne

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