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Only Display One Post

  1. I'm very new to wordpress. I have just a basic site and standard theme (twenty ten) What I'm trying to accomplish is having my "home" page show only 1 recent post, while my archives/blog pages show all the rest. I've read a lot about this, but the answer is always a coding solution, and I manage my wordpress directly from I've always gone to Settings>Reading>Posts Per Blog - but all that changes is the amount of posts showing up in my archives and not on my home page. PLEASE HELP if there is something I'm missing or a way to change this. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Staff introduced infinite scroll to some themes (wTenty Ten, Twenty Eeleven, Coraline, Pilcrow) . If you place an empty text widget in any footer area for widgets an option to disable infinite scroll will appear on this page > Settings > Reading. After you disable it click "save changes" and that will result in the display of the number of posts you select to display on that same Reading page.

  3. hnsaifi > You're link didn't work, could you try reposting for me?

    timethief> Thank you that has helped. The front page looks much cleaner. My only concern now is, if someone goes to search from the archives they too only get one post per page. Is there any way around that? Thank you again for the response.

  4. @itwasjuly
    Sorry for the bad link. I was suggesting this to you,

  5. @itwasjuly
    Please follow the instructions I posted. They work. I know they work as I have tested them in all themes I mentioned above.

  6. @timethief you're instructions worked perfectly for fixing my "home" page. I still must be doing something wrong however, because the archives page is also still only showing 1 post per page. I've places a blank txt box in the footer area, turned off infinity roll, and changes post per blog to 1. This worked for the home page, but it also changed the archives page as well. Sorry to be redundant. I'm sure it's something on my end. You can see what I'm talking about here

  7. I still must be doing something wrong however, because the archives page is also still only showing 1 post per page.

    In the majority of themes, posts on category or other archive pages show up just as they do on the main posts page. But in some themes only the beginnings of posts are shown, and in a few themes you only get titles or thumbnails.

    See here for using the excerpt box (Category/Archive pages only) >

  8. The number-of-posts-per-page setting applies to all dynamic pages: main posts page as well as category and other archive pages.

    If you want one full post on your blog front but several on archive pages, you can switch to Twenty Eleven and use the showcase template page as your front; details here:
    Similar special template page available in Splendio and Nuntius.
    Or you can switch to The Morning After; details here:

  9. apostrophistica

    Thank you for the explanation about the infinite scroll, timethief. I will go put in an empty footer widget now. I was flummoxed. I had played with Coraline in the past on test blogs, and it never did this infinite scrolling.

    I don't know why that would be considered a good idea. At least as a default.

    Thanks again!

  10. @apostrophistica
    This is a relatively new change Staff has made recently to only some themes. It seems that the the intent is to have "infinite scroll" on all themes that are suitably constructed for it to operate on.

  11. apostrophistica

    @timethief: IMHO, it might not be a bad idea if the powers that be put some kind of little explanation of this feature on the "reading" settings page.

    Thanks again for the help. It solved the problem perfectly. (I just used an empty text widget. I may eventually use the footer area for something, but since I just converted it over from Quentin, I haven't done much with the layout yet.)

  12. IMHO, it might not be a bad idea if the powers that be put some kind of little explanation of this feature on the "reading" settings page.

    I do agree with you on that. Note that Staff have yet to announce in the official blog that "infinite scroll" exists and has been implemented on sone themes.

  13. This probably sounds stupid. I'm new.

    So the new feature, if I'm understanding this correctly, is intended for all my pages to load(this takes awhile, I'm an art teacher, lots of photos) on the home page so readers don't have to click through.

    But I can add a widget to the footer area. Like I said, I'm new to WordPress, using the freebie stuff to try things out, so I'm not sure how to do this.

    I went to appearance, saw header, saw background, etc., no footer. Ok. Back to forums. I just want it to load two posts at one time, so it can load reasonably quickly. It used to, now it does not. I have a couple of blogger sites, pretty much the same kind of thing, arbitrary changes to improve things. Does anybody really need all their posts to load up on the front page? What am I missing? How would you utilize this feature?

  14. Hi there,
    The answer in this thread given to itwasjuly and apostrophistica were theme specific. They have themes with "infirte scroll" and you do not. You are using a different theme ie. MistyLook and there are no footer widgets in that theme.
    Go here > Settings > Reading and locate
    Blog pages show at most __ posts
    enter the number you want ie. 2
    click "save changes"

  15. @TT: Unfortunately WP added infinite scrolling to MistyLook.

  16. @justpi
    Thanks for clueing me in to that. As there are not footer widgets it appears the best advice we can offer the users of MistyLook, who wish to be able to control the numbber of posts displaying on the front page of their blogs like miketayse does is to switch to a theme with footer widgets.

    Please note what justpi and I have been discussing.

  17. apostrophistica

    Boy, that sucks. Are they going to turn every blog w/o footer widgets into endlessly scrolling messes? I wonder how many people actually *like* that feature. It certainly seems to go counter to most everything I've heard & agreed with about making a user-friendly blog. Personally, I hate sites that go on and on and on and just keep scrolling. I can't imagine trying to read a news site like that.

  18. I discern from this thread and Matt's (co-founder of comments in it that this will be a site waide change. The plan is to implement 'infinite scroll" on all themes wherein the structure allows it and that means it will affect all themes except those which are not accomdating like DePo Masthead.

  19. So, It will now continue to load all the posts at once, nothing I can do? Yay me! Who can I send a thank you card to for such an awesome upgrade.

    I've never switched templates, any suggestions as to something that would give me basically the same look, useability, etc.?

    I certainly appreciate all the help!

  20. Being new, does this sort of thing happen a lot? I have a couple of google sites, same sort of thing. Stuff works, doesn't work, works, etc. Arbitrary changes for unknown reasons. Just wondering.

    Again thank you muchly!

  21. So, It will now continue to load all the posts at once, nothing I can do?

    Cahneg thees to one that has footer widgets so yoyr can regain control over how many posts appear on your front page. Fortunately changing themes is an easy process that takes only seconds. > Appearance > Themes select a theme and click "activate". As MistyLook is an older narrow theme it's not likely you will have any issues with images when you do so.

    Being new, does this sort of thing happen a lot?

    During the course of this last year some of the new features which have been introduced have not be appreciated by some bloggers. What's not appreciated is the that changes are introduced by stealth ie. without any warning and without the ability to "opt-out" or "revert". When it comes to infinite scroll, there are many threads you can read to witness what it took to get the footer widget workaround for opting out. I have no idea what the future may hold.

  22. I apologize for the typos above.
    edite: this silliness "Cahneg thees" was meant to be "Change themes".

  23. Yes, it happens a lot if it means more money for WP. Check this post of mine:

  24. Again, I thank you. So I need to make sure I choose a template with footers. I'm not sold on the one I had, so no big deal, but it was working out and had the features I was looking for. Although I don't like it, it's good to know WordPress is no better than blogger. I was trying WordPress to see how it worked and the advantages it offered/didn't offer. Education is not always pleasant. If anybody has suggestions about a template similar to Mist Look, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks again! I really appreciate it.

  25. I went with Twenty Eleven. Seems ok, it was certainly easy to change. WordPress went down a notch in my book. The arbitrary change made without my consent or knowledge was instructive. Thanks everybody, for all the help!

  26. Her's a link to an article that will illuminate you with regard to how Twenty Eleven is designed to operate.

  27. So I go to the preview, I figure ok, everything looks good, click change. It wipes out the background, the header, and I have not figured out what else.

    In the preview everything looked OK, now they are all stock images I think I have to make new sizes of images and reload everything. I thought it would be simple, but no.

    I'm an art teacher, this is a learning experience for me, so I did learn something.

  28. It's called "infinite scrolling" because now it takes an almost "infinite" time for all your pages to load.

  29. Ms. Timethief,

    I really appreciate your help, the link to the particulars concerning the twenty-eleven template is helpful, next time I change, I'll look for detailed articles first.

    I'm also working on an e-commerce site on blogger, less choice in templates but more access to the css and html of your site, harder, but doable. The site on wordpress I just wanted to try for school, fun up until today.

    Thanks again!


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