Only Flickr Link Exists after saving in WordPress

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    I successfully posted a picture from Flickr to my WordPress blog directly from Flickr. The picture appeared on my blog nicely formatted. I then edited the posting containing the picture on WordPress and saved it.

    If I look at the page now, the posting text is there but only a link to the picture (which works) on Flickr and not the actual picture itself.

    Can someone tell me how to fix this? I want the picture to also appear and not just the Flckr link.




    That’s really weird. I looked at the raw HTML and the image is there. I manually copied the link and the link is correct.

    I checked another blog that links to flickr images in the same way and it’s working fine.

    I have no idea.



    I’m having similar problems on my self-hosted blog at the moment. I think Flickr must be having issues.

    /me goes to look at Flickr…



    It looks like the problem may be browser related (on Windows XP, at least). Internet Explorer renders the Flickr picture OK; Firefox only shows me the link.

    The other weird thing is that while IE shows the image OK, the other images which I uploaded direcly into WordPress come across huge in IE; I’ve been told this might be related to the size of the actual files themselves.

    No biggie.

    Thank you all for your input.

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