Only one of seventeen friends have responded to my invite??

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    I’m doing a private blog and two days ago invited seventeen of my friends to read it. So far only one person has responded and interestingly she already had a username with WordPress which makes me think that it was really easy for her to read my blog vs everyone else who must register and get their own username and password first before getting access.

    Is there a way I can find out if the invitees are even getting the invitation? The people I’ve emailed are very responsive types so I’m finding it strange to not be hearing from ANY of them, except one.

    I’ve gone in to “Users” and invited some of them again by pressing “resend”.

    Input needed and appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is


    Not everyone wants to sign up for a username. If they are your friends why not ask them in person? I wouldn’t keep resending the invites though as that can be annoying, especially if people just don’t want to do it. Two days is not long for you to wait either as not everyone checks their emails every day.



    Thanks for responding.

    I’m blogging about our house swap in Germany so it’s not possible for me to contact them directly right now. The friends I sent invites to check their emails all the time.

    Maybe I’ll send them each an email directly and give them instructions how to sign up so they’ll know how to follow our adventures. I decided to blog instead of sending emails and lots of photos and loading up people’s inboxes but so far the blog idea isn’t working.


    Yes it’s better to send a personal email really to be honest, and what you say sounds like a perfect answer. They may feel more inclined to sign up then if you explain the process.


    Oh, and you could of course make your blog public and solve all the problems.





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