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    Here is what I’m trying to do. I only want one specific post to show on the main page of the blog. I want viewers to have to go to the categories on the right to view more posts. The post I want to show on the main page is post id #1. It’s just a welcome message of sorts. I’ve edited the loop in index.php to the point where it’s only showing one post. But even though I replaced “<div class=”post” id=”post-<?php the_ID(); ?>”>”, with “<div class=”post” id=”post-1″>”, it’s showing the most recent post, rather than the firs one.

    Anybody know how I can tell it to only show that first one? I don’t even care if you can comment on it. I’m almost to the point where I’m just going to delete the code pulling in posts, and just add in my own info for a welcome message.



    There is a world of difference between software and software and I’m sensing you did not read the sticky post “Please read me first”

    This is the support forum for blogs hosted by We cannot access or edit our underlying templates on this multi-user blogging platform. The correct forum for those who have blogs that are self hosted or hosted by anyone other than is here

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