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    Is there a way to make your homepage only show the beginning (first 10 or so lines) of your posts, instead of the full text, and then have a “Read More” button to read the full post?

    I’ve only done 1 post so far and I plan on breaking it up into 5 sections, but if you check out my blog for a second ( you can immediately see that I need to do something to shorten my homepage :)

    Oh, and on a side note, what’s the best way to break up my post (which is a tutorial) into multiple pages? Would I just create multiple posts and then link from one to another at the end of each post? I just want to break up the tutorial because it is a little intimidating if it is all on one page because it is so long, but if it was spread over, say, five pages it wouldn’t be so intimidating for a new reader.

    Thanks very much,
    Ben Reynolds

    The blog I need help with is



    The more tag will do that for you. If you want to post everythinng in one go but have each section appear on seperate pages you can use nextpage too.


    harrythehandyman suggested the following link to split the content. You can select where to make the split and inset a “more” tag.

    You can also select a theme that presents only a portion of each post like Inuit I’m using. Please read this article on Inuit suggested to me by timethief

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