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    Hey everyone:)

    Basically i’m wondering if it’s only possible in some themes to only display one or two posts on the front page?
    I know i can change how many posts are displayed per blog page, but if i change that down to two then all the archive pages also only show two, and this isn’t really helpful.
    I used to have the Hemingway theme and that one only showed two posts on the front page and then what ever widgets i wanted. Now i’ve changed my theme to Spectrum and i can’t seem to control how many posts are displayed.
    Help, anyone?

    The blog I need help with is


    That setting affects all post-list related pages (categories, tags, archives and main page). The only theme I can think of that shows 2 posts on the main page regardless of that setting is the Hemingway theme, which is in some respects sort of “odd.”



    Well Duotone and Monotone are possibilities but they are aimed at photobloggers.
    widget area down at the bottom of the page – >
    no widgets ->

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