Only titles: Annoying WordPress Quality #2

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    My second problem is with the archiving and categorization. When someone clicks on my categories or archives, it used to go to all the posts related to that. (For ex. all the posts on Humor or all the posts for April 2007). Now what it does is only give me a list of post titles. I have to click further on the titles to read that particular post. This is irritating, and ensures that my old posts will not be read as much. It doesn’t even provide a two line lead in about the posts. Is there any way to change this setting?


    Have you recently changed themes?

    What is shown in category, tag and archive view is theme dependent. Some themes display the entire post, some only an excerpt, and some only a title.



    Ah… I was afraid that would be answer. (sad face). I have gone through many themes and I really like the one I have now. Except for this one detail. Grrr.

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