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    I am having the same problem as ; I have also tried downloading an export file from my Blogger blog to upload. In the former, only the post titles show when I try to import my blog


    To retry, I deleted all these titles from the latter. When I try to upload the export file, the system says “Your file has been successfully uploaded. We will begin processing your import right away” but then nothing shows. I have activated “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”. My XML export file is only 348Kb, and it’s been over 24 hours now – and I have read of others’ experiences with much larger input taking just a few minutes. Can you suggest anything else I might try? Nothing now shows in my wordpress blog except the 60 categories [that have come recognizably from my blogspot blog] – I’m happy to let you delete everything so I can start over. Many thanks in advance.
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    Hi, I’ve just replied in a private thread so that we can work through the import file and see what’s causing this to happen. Thanks!



    Thanks, Andrew. I emailed you the import file. Hope that was the right channel to use [let me know if I should have done that some other way], and that that file got to you safely. Thanks again for so quickly taking this up; really excellent and optimistic for my move over to WordPress. :)



    This is now fixed! Thanks, Andrew and Sheri. You guys were great!

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